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Matters of the Heart: Understanding the Dynamics of Love and Attraction

Dr. David R. Hawkins, a pioneering American psychiatrist, spiritual teacher, and author, left an indelible mark on the field of consciousness research. His deep exploration into human behavior, mental health, and spirituality led to the creation of the Map of Consciousness and the Scale of Consciousness—a transformative model quantifying different levels of human consciousness.

Exploring Spiritual Growth:

In his impactful works, such as the renowned "Power vs. Force," Dr. Hawkins delved into the realms of spiritual growth, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all life. A clinical psychiatrist by profession, he introduced the groundbreaking concept of muscle testing to calibrate various levels of consciousness, revolutionizing the landscape for those seeking personal and spiritual development.

Understanding the Scale of Consciousness:

The Hawkins Scale ranges from 0 to 1000, offering a comprehensive framework to comprehend the diverse levels of human consciousness. Lower levels (0-200) are characterized by emergency emotions like shame, guilt, and fear, leading to diminished energy. Transitioning into the welfare emotion at mid-levels (200-500) brings forth positive emotions like courage, acceptance, and love, fostering higher energy. Beyond 500, individuals reach states of enlightenment and pure love, marking the pinnacle of consciousness.

Love vs. Attraction/Passion:

Today, let's delve into the topic of Love vs. Attraction/Passion. Love, positioned at the 500 level, is akin to a powerful and unwavering force. Unlike lower levels, it remains unaffected by external factors, emanating forgiveness, support, and care. This kind of love transcends the mind, originating purely from the heart, transforming the world into a friendlier and more positive place.

Unpacking Unconditional Love:

Reaching the 500 level means moving beyond conditional love to embracing an unconditional perspective. It involves forgiveness, humility, and the release of judgments. Unconditional love entails seeing the good in everything and everyone, even during challenging times. It signifies a natural way of living, influencing others with its positive vibrations—a warm and friendly energy that enhances life for everyone.

Gratitude for Growth:

As we navigate a world filled with diverse perspectives and conflicts, every choice we make contributes to our spiritual journey. Dr. Hawkins' teachings remind us to be thankful for the opportunities to learn and grow. Unconditional love becomes a guiding force, transforming our outlook on life and fostering a sense of peace and love.

In another volume of Dr. David Hawkins' transformative book series, "Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment," the fourteenth chapter stands as a crucial exploration into the complex realms of human emotions, with a specific focus on the consciousness levels of love, attraction, passion, and infatuation. Dr. Hawkins meticulously examines the nuanced distinctions between these emotional states, utilizing his renowned Map of Consciousness to shed light on the diverse energy frequencies associated with each. His exploration uncovers the essence of true connection, offering profound insights into the subtle yet significant differences that define attraction, passion, and infatuation.

Chart Overview: Dr. Hawkins' Quick Reference for Passion/Attraction vs. Love

The chart below is a concise reference crafted by Dr. Hawkins categorizing Qualities in relation to Passion/Attraction (calibrating at 145) and Love (calibrating at 500+). This visual guide allows for a swift assessment of your current emotional state concerning your partner, eliminating the need for a thorough read of the entire article. Simply utilize this chart for a quick evaluation.

In simple terms, love at the 500 level is a potent and positive force originating from the heart. Embracing this love changes our perception of the world, making it a more peaceful and loving place. If you resonate with these teachings and are eager to explore your own journey of consciousness and spiritual development, consider joining our coaching program. Let us embark on this transformative journey together—where love becomes not just an emotion but a way of being.

Be Lovingness my friend

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